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Sep 12, 2015
Preparing For Questions From Your Retirement Planner . . .

Questions, data queries, fact findings . . . these are the 'building blocks' of a sound and customized financial and retirement plan.  You should be prepared.

The quantitative inquires are easier to prepare for.  Beginning with the personal and family facts, they will include (but not be limited to) present incomes, estimated Social Security benefits, pension and 401(k) funds available at retirement, your investment values, and life / health / long term care portfolios of both spouses.  Finally, do you have any Trusts in place; and what are their purposes?

Where 'the rubber meets the road' is the discussion of the qualitative questions and answers.

Many pieces of information are gathered during this part of the planning process, insights are learned by both the planner and the prospective retiree(s):

What lifestyle are you looking for in retirement? 

Do you plan to 'reinvent' yourselves with new business ventures or part time employment?

What are the estimates of your longevity based on your parents and grandparents lives?

Have you been thinking about legacy options for family members other than your spouse?

How is your health?  And that of your spouse?

Do you lean toward aggressive or conservative investing, or do you see yourself as middle-of-the-road?

Are their other family members, immediate or distant, that you may feel responsible for financially?

Certainly there is a myriad of other query areas and questions, and many of them will come from the frank discussion with your planner.  When a retirement planner can 'get inside your sack of skin', wonderful and meaningful things can happen to your benefit.

Posted at 05:10 pm by finvisions777
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